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Fitness-365 has a wide range of informative articles that are free for all your health and fitness needs, aiming to help you get in shape and stay in shape, regardless of sex and age. If we can do a little bit everyday, 365 days in a year, that little bit will contribute greatly. Hence the name of this blog.

The little bit I’ve been doing everyday in the recent many years is 20 minutes of morning exercise. You may not believe but true - These 20 minutes had changed my life. In the recent years, the little bit I do everyday is short term periodic fasting which I successfully lose weight and feel healthier and happier.

No matter how busy you are, do a little something everyday for your health and fitness. I create this blog to share the resources that you may need.

The articles here are what I’ve clipped from health professionals who had given me permission to publish. Of course there are articles written by myself.

In this blog, you will find:

  • Articles offering innovative fitness techniques and programs
  • Articles about healthy eating
  • Cookbook recommendations

Enjoy reading and feel free to post your comments.

Anna Astor

    Wednesday, March 23, 2011

    Exercise Less, Not More!

    Editor's Note: Fitness author Jon Benson shared this letter with me and gave me permission to share it with you.

    If I had to pick out the number one reason most people fail to achieve good results in the gym, guess what it would be?

    Over-training. Exercising too much.

    Sounds counter-intuitive, but trust me: It's quite real.

    Folks write to me all the time and say...

    "Jon, I don't get it. I cannot lose bodyfat and I'm running six days a week for an hour and training in the gym five days a week for 45 minutes!"

    My answer back is usually:

    "You are training 4x more than me, and I'm a fitness pro!"

    Look, do you take 21 aspirin for a headache, thinking the more you take the faster your pain will go away?


    So why apply the same logic to fitness? Only a certain amount is required. Beyond that, you are spinning your wheels.

    When I wrote 7 Minute Muscle, I exposed all the lies about training too long and why this is not the best way to achieve the results you want. Check it out if you want the facts.

    One more thing: 75% of your progress will come in the kitchen, not in the gym or on the treadmill.

    As for me, I would much rather eat smart and train less than train all the time and be forced to eat 6-8 times a day just to recover from it all.

    That makes no sense to me at all.


    7 Minute Muscle <--- Less Is More!

    Thursday, March 3, 2011

    Reasons to Avoid Certain Foods


    In this day and age, the consumption of certain foods and substances should be regulated or avoided altogether. The body can be depleted of nutrients through the use of substances like nicotine and alcohol, and through foods containing caffeine and sugars. This can cause hair loss and raised androgen production due to an increase in adrenal levels.

    Foods rich in cholesterol and saturated fats should be eaten in moderation, as they have been linked to spikes in DHT levels. Hair loss has even been connected to the ingestion of table salt. You should not put any additional salt on your food, as even a typical diet already provides the daily recommended sodium value.

    Aside from those who regularly eat seafood, you should only use salt with Iodine in it if you are using it to season while cooking. Iodine is an essential nutrient associated with hair growth, and can be found naturally, and in high levels, in seafood.

    On the downside, too much iodine can cause Toxemia, a toxicity of the body, which can be partially characterized by psoriasis, eczema, seborrhea, and other illnesses related to hair-loss. There are no remedies for healing a toxic body except to eliminate oneself of impurities through healthy dieting and cleansing your system.

    Fibrous diets can be beneficial in the process of body cleansing, and the use of Psyllium Husk (a natural supplement which helps add bulk to waste) and laxatives can aid in this process. You can find more information regarding this subject by reading the section titled Natural Hair Loss Remedies.

    There are numerous reasons why a person may experience hair loss, but poor nutrition is certainly one of the more dominant. By choosing a healthy diet, hair loss associated with malnutrition can be reversed easily. Hair-loss related illnesses aside, eating healthier will help your whole body reach optimum functionality.

    Many foods can lead to hair loss. Learn what foods can be detrimental to hair & how to avoid the pitfalls of hair loss.

    Go to Dave's 10 minute method Hair Loss Book to get more information about their latest amazing offer - $176 worth of products FREE!

    Fitness 365 - Avoid Certain Foods for Hair Loss

    Wednesday, March 2, 2011

    Low Pressure Sex

    How Does Blood Pressure Impact Sex Live?

    Anyone with a history of high blood pressure in their family knows what devastation it can wreak. It carries with it a mishmash of health risks, many of them serious, like tripling the risk of dying from a heart attack, quadrupling the risk of dying from a stroke, doubling the risk of congestive heart failure and tripling the risk of developing kidney disease.

    But if our very lives weren't enough for high blood pressure to be in the top five of our "Health Issues to Be Concerned About" lists, then how about the lives of our marriages and relationships?

    High blood pressure has a significant impact on a couple's sex life. Sex is a crucial part of any relationship, and when a loving couple is not having it at least on a semi-regular basis, more often than not, the relationship sours faster than curdled milk.

    The reason high blood pressure affects the average sex life all boils down to blood flow. Due to the narrowing of the arteries that high blood pressure creates, it diminishes a man's ability to have an erection -- never mind maintain one -- as there's less blood flowing to the penis.

    To rectify this situation, the average guy heads to his doctor, reluctantly tells him or her about his issues "down there," and the doctor prescribes him with some form of hypertension med -- usually an alpha or beta-blocker.

    Problem solved, right? Not exactly.

    While your blood pressure levels might lower incrementally, your sex drive will lower incrementally as well -- the very opposite of what you want to have happen.

    This isn't some theory concocted by so-called natural health "whack jobs," mind you. Well-respected news organizations and medical information outlets -- like ABC News and the Mayo Clinic -- corroborate this. In an ABC News webcast on Feb. 7 of last year, Dr. Domenic Sica, chairman for Clinical Pharmacology and Hypertension at the Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center, said this:
    "When you look at it, a number of the blood pressure medications we use are associated with the onset of male dysfunction. Now, that can be a diuretic, a beta-blocker, or so-called peripheral alpha beta-blocker -- those are three drugs commonly linked to male dysfunction."
    I'm not sure the link can be made any clearer; you name the hypertension drug, and it will adversely affect your sex life.

    Given this, if you'll pardon the cliche, how does one kill two birds with one stone? How does one lower their blood pressure and improve their love life at the same time? Or is that even possible?

    Absolutely it's possible, and you can learn how to do it all-naturally.

    Bestselling authors Frank Mangano and Jon Benson have developed an easy, all-natural way to lower your blood pressure and improve your sex life at the same time. They weren't sure this was possible, but after months of research and hordes of emails from people on how their system worked for them, they don't just think it's possible, they know it's possible!

    Let me prove it to you.

    Go here: Low Pressure Sex

    I recommend you visit their website immediately, where you'll get a crash course on how this issue has affected me personally; more information on the links between what's 'down there' and hypertension; and most important of all, how you can improve the health of your body and your relationship...all-naturally.




    Monday, February 28, 2011

    How To Cook Grains To Lose Fat

    Are you like me and have a hard time with eating beans and grains, despite the fact they're supposed to be 'healthy'?

    Do you gain fat when you eat even "non-refined" healthy carbs like brown rice?

    I did -- until recently.

    Here's your mid-week tip:

    Soak all grains and legumes for 24 hours prior to cooking them.

    Don't worry -- they taste the same. They're even more fluffy. But, more important than that -- they are now "lectin-free"...or 90% there.

    What are lectins?

    Lectins are protein and protein-family substances that love to bind to stuff and mess with your body's cellular structure.

    The have a nasty habit of rendering even the most healthy of foods (almost always plant-based) very unhealthy for you to consume.

    This does not have to be.

    Simply soaking brown rice and legumes (beans) in water for 24 hours, according to food allergy researcher Dr. David Freed, causes the lectins in both foods to be destroyed 10 minutes into cooking.

    This will not happen if you cook grains normally.

    This is why you may be sniffling or having a hard time with "good carbs" in your diet. There are other reasons, but I've found this to be the ace in the hole.

    Try it and see if your grains don't go down better.

    Want more tips like this, as well as the 5 Steps that are guaranteed to make any Food plan (die-t...spelled that way because look at the first three letters...this plan is not a death sentence!) --

    - 5 times easier

    - 5 times faster (as fast as possible to shed fat in a healthy way)

    - 5 times more powerful (something you can manage for life!)

    Go get "Simply Eat!' today --


    Fitness 365 - Simply Eat

    Sunday, February 27, 2011

    Reversing The Aging Process

    Practical Life Extension
    What Modern Science Says About Reversing The Aging Process

    There's an old proverb that rings with wit and reason: "Everyone wants to go to heaven but no one wants to die." So why do we want to live forever? According to Dr. Sanjay Gupta, author of "Chasing Life" and CNN's Senior Medical Corespondent, we do not.

    The real quest isn't eternal life on earth according to Gupta, but rather an exceptional life.

    While interviewing the foremost authorities on anti-aging and life extension, Dr. Gupta discovered three "universals" -- three principles that each researcher deemed critical to extending our lives naturally and empowering us to live exceptionally. They are:

    1. Weight training

    2. Good nutrition

    3. Positive thinking and having purpose

    Jon Benson, author of "Fit Over 40", explores each of these in great detail, as well as asking 52 men and women how they have managed to slow the hands of time down to a crawl. Benson does not waste time with hype and hypothesis. He focuses on real-world examples and applications we can all use to slow down the aging process and help prevent and reverse the conditions that can lead to disease.

    Discover more today at Fit Over 40

    You too can live a longer, more exceptional life by simply adopting a smart, realistic and enjoyable lifestyle fitness plan. And if science just happens to catch up with Father Time, you'll be many steps ahead of the curve.

    Fitness 365 - Fit Over 40

    Friday, February 25, 2011

    How Can I Regrow My Hair?

    Hair recession or baldness is one topic that many would not like to discuss. But closing your eyes to the fact will not make it go away. If you really want to deal with the problem, you will need to face it head on and learn more about the why hair loss occurs and the various ways that you can use to deal with the problem.

    A deeper understanding will be your key to regrowing your hair and eliminating the fears associated with it. So, want to learn the real answer regarding the question of “how can I regrow my hair?” Here are a few things you might want to understand a bit further first.

    Which type of hair loss are you experiencing?

    There are many factors that can promote hair loss and while male pattern baldness is indeed the most common reason, the problem is in no way exclusive to men only as there are other factors that can cause hair loss even on women. Some factors that can promote hair loss may include:

    Damage from too much perming, excessive coloring or bleaching.
    Severe emotional or mental stress
    Hormonal changes (in women)
    Traction alopecia

    Autoimmune diseases and others…

    Finding out exactly which of these problems you’re having will be detrimental to finding the right solution for your problem and will serve as an essential and necessary first step.

    There are many possible solutions that you can find to regrow your hair as well. The solutions can range from the simplest up to the most technologically advanced methods. Laser therapy, transplants, steroidal injections, Propecia, Minoxidil, etc. – you might already be familiar with some of these products or methods because you might have already tried one or two of them.

    The problem with this is the fact that not many of them can guarantee you full effects. Some even have damaging side effects that can further worsen the pain that you are feeling. But do not lose hope; there is still another avenue for hair regrowth that you might have missed – the natural route.

    There are actually many herbal and naturally developed products that have been known to work quite well for individuals experiencing hair loss and it might just be the answer to your question of “How can I Regrow my hair.” If you would like to know more about these types of products, one good guide you can get more information from can be found at